Your Thai place in Warsaw

Thai food is more than a meal, it’s a culinary experience.


My dear friend went to Thailand last year and immediately fell in love with Thai food. She came back with suitcase full of curry and Thai spices, but there was hardly time to learn how to use them properly. Instead she suggested going to a great Thai food place in Warsaw to show me what I was missing, never having tried Thai food before.

And after one dish I became a believer. I remember perfectly that I fell for Kaeng Phanaeng Kai, a red curry chicken with coconut milk, cashew nuts, onion, pepper and Thai basil. For dessert we ordered Mango sticky rice and green tea ice-cream. Now I cannot imagine surviving a month without visiting Little Thai Gallery. Every time I want to celebrate a big thing in my life, I just take some friends and go there, already smelling the curry dishes in the air.

The place is not only a restaurant, it is a little gallery (as the name suggests) where you can admire Thai art and photographs, as well as buy some hand-made jewellery or souvenirs. It is a perfect place for a date, evening with friends or family, business meeting, basically anything. The atmosphere is so nice and relaxing you will find it hard to get up and leave.

Little Thai Gallery is quite small, there are only a couple of tables, so for the evening it is worth booking a place in advance. My strong recommendation!

Prices: 30-40 PLN (main dishes), 24 PLN (lunch), 16-20 PLN (desserts). Delivery via www.royalmenu.pl website.

How to get there?

Address: Plac Dąbrowskiego 2/4

It’s a 5-minute walk from Metro Świętokrzyska.

Source of the pictures: Little Thai Gallery Facebook fanpage, www.littlethaigallery.pl, author’s materials

Ania Charytoniuk (10 posts)

Novelty seeker and trend watcher, Ania is always eager to go somewhere exciting and try something new. She has eyes wide open for new places and events in Warsaw and recommends them to her friends and couchsurfers from different countries. She loves writing texts and playing with words and is interested in foreign languages, travelling and good literature.

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