Where to head for good Mexican food?


El Popo is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Warsaw, and I would especially recommend it for the winter. The dishes are sure to boost your energy and spice up your life, while vivid red interior, full of Mexican craftsmanship and souvenirs, will revive your spirits. Visit El Popo when in need of something to improve your mood after a hard day.

A Strawberry Frozen Margarita for a start would be a very good idea. I have ordered margharitas in many Warsaw restaurants, but I was always disappointed, until I discovered the ones served in El Popo. This is what I call perfection. Margharita, served in a cactus-shaped glass, is made of frozen strawberries, blended with ice and mixed with just the right amount of tequila to give you the warming-up sensation J You can also try their other varieties, such as Blue Margarita (for the sake of the azure colour which will remind you of a hot summer by the sea) or Pumpkin-Cinammon Margarita. The menu consists of a wide selection of starters (great quesadillas), dishes (fajita and tacos strongly recommended) and Tex-Mex cuisine (interesting varieties of burritos). You shouldn’t skip the dessert. Salted caramel ice-cream is one of the best flavours you can possibly get! I would also strongly recommend churros with chocolate – delicioso!

El Popo is one of the restaurants owned by a famous Polish chef, Agnieszka Kręglicka, so the best quality of food  and service is guaranteed.

Prices: 30-50 PLN (main dishes), 15-20 PLN (desserts), 20-30 PLN (cocktails)

How to get there?

Address: Senatorska 27

El Popo is very close to the Theatre Square (Plac Teatralny), which also means it’s in the Old Town area. The best way to get there from a metro station is a short walk through Senatorska street.

source of the pictures: www.kregliccy.pl, author’s materials

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