SERWUS! The come-back of Polish zapiekanka


“Serwus” is the word which used to be a greeting in Warsaw local dialect. Located on 18 square metres in Mokotów district, the venue strives to help all people craving for “zapiekanka” – a Polish fast-food made of warm, crispy baguette, mushrooms, cheese and other ingredients.

This is the basis of the most traditional zapiekanka they have on the menu – Serwus. We can however also choose international versions, named after the way we say “hi” in different languages. For example, Hola is a Spanish-style combination of manchego cheese, chorizo, olive oil and mango which we can upgrade with an extra jalapeno. Bonjour is a baguette with pumpkin seeds, blue cheese, pear and cranberry. There are new tastes and greetings entering the menu every couple of weeks.

What is especially interesting, and noted by many international websites (including Dezeen), is the unique design of the place. The architecture studio feel nostalgia for the 1990s and market stalls which offered zapiekankas back then, so they thought of a construction which would create stalls inside the shop with the use of bright-coloured metal frames. Under the first stall we choose the zapiekanka we want to order, and can have a really nice chat with Janek, who is eager to tell us all about the place, magic ingredients and the increasing popularity of Serwus. Under the third and fourth stalls we can have a look at various flowers and herbs in the pots, as well as other ingredients which will be used to prepare a delicious treat for us. The fifth stall is for eating. The pre-war black and white floor tiles discovered during renovation give the place a unique character.


10 PLN (zapiekanka), 4.5 PLN (tea, beverages)

How to get there?

Address: Chocimska 33, on the corner of Chocimska and Skolimowska street, close to Plac Unii Lubelskiej, neon is visible from the distance

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