Original Belgian waffles in a cosy interior


Waff'love_interiorNext time you’re on your way to work, ditch the traditional sandwich or dry croissant you buy in one of the coffee shops. Instead, discover the buttery, rich taste of the liege waffles served in Waff’love, a small, cosy café located just a few steps from Plac Bankowy (The Bank Square). It is open from 8 a.m. and the waffles served here are sure to boost your mood and energy for the whole day.

Its owners have spent enough time in Belgium to fall in love with waffles and then master the recipe to open their own place in Warsaw. They created an atmospheric venue, with pastel-coloured walls, comfortable armchairs, a couple of little tables and cushions which made us feel like at home.

It’s time to order. You can choose from two kinds of dough – buttery or cinnamon one. It is completely different than those you usually associate with waffles. It’s yeasty, crispy on the surface, with a rich and indulgent dough inside. Then you choose the topping: it can be either legendary Speculoos cookie spread, delicious marmalades, ice-cream (Belgian chocolate, Speculoos and other flavours) or warm pears in chocolate sauce. Yummy!


8-12 PLN (waffles), 6-10 PLN (hot beverages)

How to get there?

Address: ul. Senatorska 28

2-minute walk ze stacji Metro Ratusz Arsenał, very close to the Plac Bankowy tram stop

source of the pictures: waff’love facebook.com page, authors’ materials

Ania Charytoniuk (10 posts)

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