Hugh Laurie recommends Polish vodka

Yes, alright, Russian vodka is ok if you need to clean the oven. For drinking, it must henceforth be Polish.
~ Hugh Laurie ~

This is what Hugh Laurie declared recently on Twitter. And Dr House should know best.

When in Poland, you need to try our flagship product and bring some home, as a souvenir for your parents or friends. Our Couchsurfers are usually really shocked when they find out it costs just around 20 PLN!

Here is your shopping list:

  • Wyborowa – Polish premium vodka, the name is Polish for ‘Selected’
  • Żubrówka – bison grass herb-flavoured vodka, tastes great served with apple juice
  • Pan Tadeusz – its name comes from the title and main character of the most well-known masterpiece by Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz
  • Gorzka Żołądkowa – ‘Bitter Stomach Vodka’, amber-coloured vodka flavoured with herbs and spices,  tastes best served on ice
  • Soplica – one of the most popular flavoured vodkas. Try Cherry (Wiśniowa), Hazelnut (Orzech Laskowy) and Quince (Pigwa)
  • Chopin – a really smooth Polish potato vodka named after the famous composer, Frederic Chopin.

source: Twitter.com, author’s materials

Ania Charytoniuk (10 posts)

Novelty seeker and trend watcher, Ania is always eager to go somewhere exciting and try something new. She has eyes wide open for new places and events in Warsaw and recommends them to her friends and couchsurfers from different countries. She loves writing texts and playing with words and is interested in foreign languages, travelling and good literature.

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