A hint of culture – 10 signs you’re becoming a Pole


If you have already been living in Poland for some time, check out the list of 10 signs which can mean you are slowly adapting to our country. Can’t imagine a room without curtains and a carpet? Put the bin under the kitchen sink? Or started using ketchup for pizza? A little bit of stereotype has not hurt anyone 🙂

10 signs you're becoming a Pole


Source of the pictures: Poland. Come and complain Facebook page

Ania Charytoniuk (10 posts)

Novelty seeker and trend watcher, Ania is always eager to go somewhere exciting and try something new. She has eyes wide open for new places and events in Warsaw and recommends them to her friends and couchsurfers from different countries. She loves writing texts and playing with words and is interested in foreign languages, travelling and good literature.

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