12 food and drinks you must try in Poland


As active Couchsurfers, we often host people from different countries (recently Argentina, China, USA, United Kingdom or Germany) and they always ask us what typical Polish food they just have to try when visiting our country.  Here’s a list we’ve made so far:

1)      Krówki – super tasty cream fudge, translated into English means: little cows – that’s why cows usually appear on the pack.

2)      Plums in chocolate – we recommend “Solidarność” brand.

3)      Torcik wedlowski – a chocolate-covered wafer with hand-made decorations from a well-known, traditional Polish company – E.Wedel.

4)      Ptasie Mleczko – a chocolate covered kind of marshmallow, different flavours available, made by E.Wedel as well.

5)      Toruńskie pierniki – Gingerbread from Toruń. Toruń is the city famous for gingerbread for over 700 years. The best brand is “Kopernik” (named after a well-known Toruń-born astronomer Copernicus). You must try traditional version of “Katarzynki” and chocolate-covered gingerbread in different flavours.

6)      Pierogi – Polish dumplings, the most traditional ones are filled with fried cabbage and dried mushrooms, but people also love the ones with minced meat or „ruskie” with cheese and potato filling. To try them all and more, visit Zapiecek restaurant, specializing in pierogi.

7)      Bread with fat and short-brined cucumbers (in Polish: chleb ze smalcem) – you can usually get it on any open-air festivals or at weekend food markets, such as Fresh Sunday, organised every Sunday in Saska Kępa district.

8)      Polish apples and cider – Poland is the world’s leading apple exporter (we sell over 1.2 tonnes of apples each year). The selection of apples offered by the sellers on some of the food markets may make your head spin. We can also recommend Polish cider, from such brands as “Cydr Ignaców” or “Cydr Lubelski”.

9)      Polish beer – you’ve probably tasted it back in your country, but if not, we strongly recommend trying some regional beers. A perfect place to do that is Piw Paw bar, recently opened in the city centre, which offers over 50 different draught beers.

10)   Polish vodka – the best-known brands include Wyborowa, Żubrówka, Gorzka Żołądkowa, Absolwent or Sobieski. You will be positively surprised with the prices, which generally do not exceed 20-30 PLN for 0.5 litre.

11)   Miód pitny – honey liqueur, up to 16% of alcohol. The English name of this drink „mead” comes directly from Polish language. It has been made in Poland since the Middle Ages.

12)   Pork chop served with mashed potatoes and cabbage side salad – traditional Polish dish, to try the best one in Warsaw, don’t trust the overpriced restaurants. Go to one of the bars called “bar mleczny” (milk bar) which serve traditional Polish dishes for the prices which not only do not ruin your budget, but let you save some money aside for travelling around Poland 🙂 We highly recommend “Bambino” bar at Wilcza street and “Bar Familijny” at Nowy Świat.

We would be happy if you could share some ideas with us! Leave a comment if you have tried something typically Polish you would like others to discover as well.

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Ania Charytoniuk (10 posts)

Novelty seeker and trend watcher, Ania is always eager to go somewhere exciting and try something new. She has eyes wide open for new places and events in Warsaw and recommends them to her friends and couchsurfers from different countries. She loves writing texts and playing with words and is interested in foreign languages, travelling and good literature.

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