Trend Zone #1 – Waffles & Meat in Meat Love

Waffles, especially their savoury version, are becoming increasingly popular in Warsaw. On Friday afternoon I was flipping through a culinary magazine and saw an article on Meat Love bar and a photograph of waffles with bacon, covered with maple syrup. read more

SERWUS! The come-back of Polish zapiekanka

“Serwus” is the word which used to be a greeting in Warsaw local dialect. Located on 18 square metres in Mokotów district, the venue strives to help all people craving for “zapiekanka” – a Polish fast-food made of warm, crispy baguette, mushrooms, cheese and other ingredients. read more

Hugh Laurie recommends Polish vodka

Yes, alright, Russian vodka is ok if you need to clean the oven. For drinking, it must henceforth be Polish.
~ Hugh Laurie ~
This is what Hugh Laurie declared recently on Twitter. And Dr House should know best. When in Poland, you need to try our flagship product and bring some home, as a souvenir for your parents or friends. read more

Where to head for good Mexican food?

El Popo is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Warsaw, and I would especially recommend it for the winter. The dishes are sure to boost your energy and spice up your life, while vivid red interior, full of Mexican craftsmanship and souvenirs, will revive your spirits. read more

Original Belgian waffles in a cosy interior

Next time you’re on your way to work, ditch the traditional sandwich or dry croissant you buy in one of the coffee shops. Instead, discover the buttery, rich taste of the liege waffles served in Waff’love, a small, cosy café located just a few steps from Plac Bankowy (The Bank Square). read more

Your Thai place in Warsaw

Thai food is more than a meal, it’s a culinary experience.   My dear friend went to Thailand last year and immediately fell in love with Thai food. She came back with suitcase full of curry and Thai spices, but there was hardly time to learn how to use them properly. read more

12 food and drinks you must try in Poland

As active Couchsurfers, we often host people from different countries (recently Argentina, China, USA, United Kingdom or Germany) and they always ask us what typical Polish food they just have to try when visiting our country.   read more

We know where food trucks hide from the cold – Diner 55

We really miss the Warsaw food trucks during the cold November days, so we decided to check the Diner 55 venue on Żurawia street to see how they managed to fit 3 different food concepts into one place. read more

Creative vegan food – W Gruncie Rzeczy

Another venue is joining the new vegan craze in Warsaw. Opened next to Meat Love (ironically) on Hoża Street in the centre of Warsaw, W Gruncie Rzeczy proves that vegan cuisine is extremely original and that burger doesn’t have to be made of meet.  read more
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